Tyzer Evans Influencer Branding

Tyzer Evans is a AAA Sales Agent for Southern California. He is an Instagram influencer with over 10,000 fans, podcast host, and sales consultant. 

Tyzer came to Francone Designs looking to grow his audience and build brand recognition.

Services Provided

• Brand Identity – Typography and Color Palate

• Website Design and Development

• Consulting Booking System Integration

• Podcast Cover Design

• Lead Magnet and Email Subscription

• eBook Design

Strategy and Planning

Our process begins by outlining the website pages and their content – before any design work begins. 

After outlining the content for each page, we create the sitemap for the website. This gives the client an overview of how to site will flow from page to page.

Next, we prepare wireframes for each page of our client’s site. Here we layout how every page will be structured, and where the content will be placed.

Finally, before developing the website, we create static designs of each page to present to the client for approval. 

Our client is involved in each step of the process to ensure they are getting exactly what they need.

Podcast Cover Design

Tyzer is host of the Grind. Sell. Elevate. Podcast. 

We needed to create a podcast cover that was cohesive with Tyzer’s brand.

The final design incorporates Tyzers brand colors and typography – which were outlined by Francone Designs – to portray his edgy and gritty brand attributes.