JesC Lee Brand Identity Design

JesC Lee is an up and coming, high energy, bubbly pop artist based out of Toronto, Canada.

Francone Designs was approached to create a brand identity that would resonate with JesC Lee’s young fan base.

Additionally, the identity design needed to be additive, as it will be used on merchandise and swag.

Design Direction

We began the project by defining the brand’s audience and attributes. Once we had an understanding of the image JesC Lee wanted to portrait we presented her three mood boards (approved mood board is shown here).

Our client was excited to move forward with the neon, retro, look we had presented her. 

Brand Attributes

Positive, Authentic, Fun, High Energy, Retro

Neon Variant

When our client approached us, she wanted more than just a logo. She wanted a brand identity system that could be applied to merchandise and swag. 

We created a flexible logo that could be stylized for many applications. Shown below is the neon stylized version of the logo that we created for JesC Lee.

As someone with very high expectations, I was not expecting to have my socks blown off! However, to come through on the artistic delivery and encapsulate everything I wanted into an epic home run is a rare thing indeed. Needless to say, highly recommended, not enough stars to rate this.
Meaghan Roe
JesC Lee