DJ Duck Rebrand

DJ Duck is a local Toronto DJ that provides services for corporate events and weddings. He is also highly involved in the Toronto Latin dance scene.

DJ Duck came to me looking to re-brand in order to better align with the customers he serves. He was looking for an identity  that was clean and professional but at the same time portrayed his roots.

Design Inspiration

DJ duck started his career in the early 90’s spinning vinyl. This was something we wanted to incorporate into the logo design without sacrificing professionalism.  

The focal point of the logo is the stylized “C”. This element of the logo is inspired by a vinyl record and a pioneer CDJ jog wheel. The vinyl represents Rob’s  roots and the jog wheel inspiration represents his present.

Dj Duck Logo Variants

Designing a Multi-Purpose Identity System

One of the challenges we needed to address was the clients diverse business. Rob doesn’t only just run a corporate DJ business. He is also a club DJ.

This meant we needed a diverse identity system that would work well for both corporate and club events while still remaining recognizable to his brand.

The solution was to use two primary colors; the darker color is to be used for corporate events, while the light color is the dominant color for club events.

Typography & Colour Palette

The Ambient Font Family is modern with a sublet retro feel. It is also fresh and energetic, perfectly portraying DJ Duck’s brand.  

The colours were chosen to help the brand stand out from the competition. Competing businesses are using corporate and neutral colors. Since our logo design is subtle and professional we were able to push the boundaries on color to add some flash and excitement helping DJ Duck stand out from the crowd. 

Mike Francone has designed my logo as I was rebranding and it is amazing! Incredible talent and amazing to work with!
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DJ Duck