Cosmo's Creamery

Cosmo’s Creamery is a laid back spaced theme ice cream and frozen yogurt shop where you can have fun, hang out and eat ice cream. Want to take some home? They also sell a line of pre-packaged ice cream that you can buy at their shop or local grocery stores.


Our goal was to design a brand identity that captures our client’s fun and spacey brand attributes. We wanted to create an identity that portrays quality, while not taking itself too seriously. We needed a logo that was simple and versatile as it will be used on social media, business cards, hats, and ice cream packages.

Brand Attributes

The core values of a brand begin to guide the project direction. They are what set the tone for the brand’s colours and imagery. Como’s Creamery is a fun and light-hearted ice cream shop. They are a brand that does not take itself too seriously. The goal is to convey a sense of playfulness with its customers.

Designing The Logo

Before generating ideas for the logo, We started the process with a word-map. We noted the brand attributes and the main ideas that we had gathered from the brief. The final logo is inspired by an astronaut’s helmet, a melting ice cream scoop and a planet. The logo is extremely versatile, simple, memorable and fun.