How To Create An Isometric Grid

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An isometric grid is used to create 3D designs based on parallel 30-degree angles.

They can be used to create patterns, illustrations, typography, posters, and many other designs.

Understanding isometric grids and how to create them is essential knowledge for every graphic designer and illustrator.

What Is An Isometric Design?

An Isometric design is a design on a 2D surface that has an illusion of being 3D.

Unlike 3D designs that use perspective to give you the illusion of being 3 dimensional, isometric designs use equal length parallel lines along a 30-degree axis. Isometric is the Greek word “isometria” which means “equality of measure”

This means that shapes do not need to be foreshortened or distorted to create 3D objects.

Isometric drawings are mostly used by architects and interior designers, as this gives the most accurate representation of the final design or product. However, isometric grids aren’t limited to architects and interior designers. Many artists use isometric grids in their artwork to create isometric illustrations, logos, and icons.

How To Make An Isometric Grid In Illustrator

Trying to create an accurate, good looking isometric designs without a grid is time consuming. In order for you to create accurate isometric designs, you must use an isometric grid.

Follow these easy steps to create a perfect isometric grid in Adobe Illustrator in minutes.

How To Create An Isometric Grid

Open a New Document

The artboard dimensions you choose doesn’t matter, but for reference, I will be working with a 1920px by 1080px artboard.

Select the Rectangular Grid tool

Once you select the Rectangular Grid tool click anywhere in the artboard.

Set your parameters

Set your grid parameters just as I have in the image below.

Place your grid and set color

Move the grid to the center of the artboard and select a stroke color for the grid.

Transform the grid

Press Shift+F8 to open the transform panel and change the following parameters.

Hight: 86.602%
Shear: -30
Rotate: 30

Create an isometric grid 4

Stretch your grid

Finally, hold SHIFT and stretch your grid across your artboard, then lock your grid layer.

That’s it!

In just a few minutes you have created a perfect isometric grid. You are now ready to start creating your isometric designs and illustrations.

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